dsc03875People turn to me when they are ready to turn the page and write the next chapter of their life’s story. They wake up one morning and find themselves wondering if this is all there is to life. The good news is no matter where you find yourself in life, there is always more available to you if you choose it.

I believe leadership is your ability to respond to what shows up on your path. All the tools, frameworks, processes and other things you may know are all enablers to your leadership. When I work with leaders like you, we start by having you see and understand yourself more clearly than ever. With this increased clarity, we will then strengthen your impact as a leader as you strengthen your responsibility for your impact. 

Don’t think you’re a leader? I don’t agree. I believe all of us are leaders in this world, and the world needs us to step forward. Given this, I work with individuals as they simply want a more fulfilling life. 

Are you ready to choose to lead and live your life more fully?

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Reflections of life

How often do you take time to reflect? Time to just sit and think about where you’ve been, and where you think you might be going. In July, I spent three weeks off the grid with Rosie, sitting with...

Seriously: Him too?

Last week, I wrote about how we look at others in our life. It’s an important topic, and not for the sake of the other people.  In the week since I released that post, I’ve been in conversation with...

There is no one for me to blame but me

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Paddling into the waves

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Rocks & Mortar

Have you ever put together a fireplace mantle of river rock & mortar? Until yesterday I would have said no as well. Rosie and I have been doing some minor renovations in the basement, and one of...

Get curious

Several weeks ago, I wrote about Trump. It felt like a risk, and a bit of a leap for me given my writing has purposely avoided political subjects in the past. I don’t even like to get overly...

Mike Edwards

Life and Leadership Coach

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Several years ago I was living a pretty typical life. I had a successful corporate career, was happily married, have two sons and a dog. Despite having so much going for me I wasn’t happy. I had a choice to make; accept the status quo and continue going through the motions, or take charge of my life and take a stand for the life I want!

Guess which one I chose? I now see myself as an Agent of Change helping other people who are tired of the status quo for themselves. I enjoy capturing my thoughts and sharing them with the world every week through my blog and newsletter. I coach and mentor people in either individual or group settings, as they redesign their life to allow for fulfillment, joy and outright aliveness. I work with corporate leaders, who want to take responsibility for the world around them. 

I am living my life … are you ready to do the same?